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Meet Our Podiatrist

15th Jan 2019

Opinion piece by Jessica Johnston, Clinical Podiatrist Why it’s important to have your child fitted by a children’s Fit Consultant (not a general Fit Consultant) Feet are unique, delicate an … read more

A Guide To Growing Feet

4th Sep 2018

Feet change with each stage of life, from the first few months when their squishy little feet are mostly baby fat and tissue, to the rapid changes they undergo as they learn to stand and walk, putting … read more

Product Care Guide

4th Sep 2018

Once you’ve chosen to invest in quality kids school shoes it’s important to also invest time into caring for those shoes. Proper cleaning will ensure that your investment lasts until your child ha … read more

How Investing In Quality Pays Off

4th Sep 2018

With so much choice and the astonishing speed at which little feet seem to grow, we know why it’s tempting to opt for cheap, disposable school schools. But there are many reasons why you’re better off … read more

Why The Right Fit Matters

16th Feb 2014

Getting your child in the right fit goes further than just comfort, an incorrectly fitted shoe can have a serious effect on their overall well-being. Learn why we we’ve been passionate about fit for … read more