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Why buy school shoes in December?

Why buy school shoes in December?

Buying your children’s school shoes in December is always a great idea. One of the main benefits when buying your black leather or black sports shoes early, includes that the child will have the time to break in their shoes before the commencement of school. This is a great practice for several reasons which include:

  • New leather school shoes can often feel stiff and may not conform to the shape of the child’s foot just yet. Breaking the shoes in before school starts, gradually allows the shoes to mould to the foot due to body temperature, making them more comfortable to wear for those long school days.
  • Prevents blisters. Wearing new leather school shoes for an extended period right away can lead to blisters and discomfort. Wearing them in for short periods of time will gently reduce the risk of blisters and remove any friction or pressure points.
  • Breaking school shoes in properly can extend their lifespan. This is due to the allowance that breaking in school shoes achieves, as the leather adapts to the shape of the foot gradually. This overall reduces the risk of stretching or damaging the shoes during their first few wears.


There are a multitude of different ways in which new leather school shoes for kids can be broken in. These include:

  • Wear them in for short periods of time. Have your child wear the new shoes for short intervals (Ideally thirty minutes to an hour at a time). This will help to ease the leather to soften up and mould in the shape of the child’s foot.
  • Wear thick socks. Wearing a thicker sock can help cushion the feet and reduce any friction/pressure points while breaking the shoes in. View our range of high quality school socks here
  • Check for fit. Regularly check for signs of discomfort or pressure points on your child’s feet. The best approach to getting the fit accurate is to have their feet measured, which determines their size based on both width and length (Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fitting service or see our fitting guide here).
  • Gradually increase wear over time. Over the course of several days/weeks, gradually increase the amount of time your child wears the new shoes until they are comfortable enough to wear to school.

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Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult (Skip the line by booking a fitting here). A fit squad member can determine the length, width, and depth of the child’s foot. From this, recommendations will be made to ensure the perfect school shoe fit and then its time to break them in!