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Our traditional school brands

Our traditional school brands

Nothing says “ready to learn” quite like a pair of polished traditional school shoes! There is a reason as to why traditional school shoes have been around for many generations. This is due to the fact that they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday school life. This is at the result of the structure and support that traditional styles provide.

A substantial reason to look into traditional styles when looking for school shoes is due to their contribution to proper foot development. Growing feet require the right balance of support and flexibility, and these shoes are tailored to provide just that. The structured design helps maintain healthy foot arches and posture, reducing the risk of discomfort and foot-related issues in the future.

When exploring the realm of traditional school shoes, we suggest you look into these ones:

Clarks Daytona

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This style is a flexible and supportive school shoe, that comes in an unbeatable range of lengths and widths to make sure your child’s feet are supported all day, every day. The sizes range from a UK8 JNR to UK15 SNR, including the widths of D, E, F, and G, ensuring that each child can find their perfect fit. The design elements encompass leather uppers, lining and socks, soft cushioned foot bed, lace up closures, rubber heel, proven ankle counters for support as well as proven all day comfort.

Harrison Kasey



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 A new minimal and streamlined school style. Kasey provides practicality and classic styling for your little scholar. In a simple, curved silhouette, these are sure to be the new stand out in the classroom. Notable design features encompass a soft leather upper, synthetic lining and sock, removeable innersole for versatile fit, rubber toe to minimalize scuffing, self-fastening straps for easy adjustment, firm ankle counter for support as well as durable rubber soles. Available in sizes ranging from a UK8 to UK3.5.

Pablosky School Mary Jane 309810

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Pablosky creates premium quality kids’ shoes designed in Spain. This style has incorporated developed technology to ensure that it is both comfortable and durable. Notable design elements include the bovine leather outer, Intech absorbent inner linings, heel and toe guards, antibacterial insoles as well as the non-slip rubber soles. This style is available in sizes ranging from a EURO 27 to EURO 34.

Startrite Oxford

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 This style is a comfortable and versatile option for school. With a durable leather upper and breathable leather lining, and easy to wear double self-fastening straps, this is a great shoe for active boys. This style is available in sizes ranging from a UK10 to UK3.5, including the widths of E, F, G, and H, ensuring that each child can find their perfect fit both length and width ways.

ROC Larrikin

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A classic and comfortable style, the Larrikin school shoes have been a mainstay in the schoolyard for years with good reason. Perfect for juniors and seniors, this timeless lace up style provides supreme comfort and durability. Notable design elements include a leather upper and lining, removable innersoles to accommodate different foot shapes, flexible outer soles as well as slip resistant thread. This style is available in sizes ranging from a UK10 YTH to UK11.5 WMN.

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