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What are the best first shoes for babies?

What are the best first shoes for babies?

A child’s feet muscles begin to strengthen, and bones begin to ossify as they start to move and walk, therefore it is important to pick the right pair of first shoes! 


The most common interaction I have with parents picking first shoes is deciding on the sole. Although toddler shoes are super cute, they’re often too hard for the stage of walking the child is at. Picking a first shoe with a hard sole restricts movement as it is rigid and heavy which can cause little ones to revert back to crawling as it is easier. 


So, your little one starts taking their first steps and suddenly, they need shoes! Where do you start? Almost always Pre-walkers. Shoes & Sox have 8 pre-walker brands to choose from including Adidas, Bobux, Ciao, Converse, Kicks, Old Soles, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Vans. 


Bobux pre-walkers in the Xplorer Go range are very popular every season as they have a soft, flexible, lightweight, foam sole that allows ease of movement for new walkers. This shoe is leather inside and out, meaning it is breathable PLUS it has a reinforced toe cap. 


NOTE: For little ones who are doing plenty of crawling and climbing in their pre-walkers a reinforced toe cap is ideal to protect the toes and increase durability with wear. 


Another crowd favourite, are Old Soles pre-walkers. They have a silicon sole which provides more grip than a foam sole, making them ideal for gripping to floorboards or tiled flooring. Old Soles pre-walkers come in a range of styles including sandals, mary janes, shoes, and boots. 


So, once they start walking head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult. A Fit Squad member can determine the length, width, and depth of the child’s foot and their stage of walking. From this, shoe recommendations will be made around the fitting and walking stage of the child.