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How to Choose the Perfect School Shoe (that will make everyone happy!)

How to Choose the Perfect School Shoe (that will make everyone happy!)

There is such a wide range of school shoes available with more added to the market every year. To work out which school shoe is best for you and your child, simply ask yourself these 4 simple questions!  

  1. What are the school requirements around footwear? Does it need to be a traditional school shoe or are sport-style school shoes allowed? (If a traditional school shoe is mandatory, is black or brown required?)
  2. What is the budget for school shoes? Factoring growth and wear, one school shoe is not always guaranteed to see the school year out.   
  3. Does your child prefer a self-fastening, buckle, slip-on, or lace-up style school shoe?  
  4. What are your non-negotiables? Do you need something with a leather upper? Does it also need to be leather lined? Is arch support imperative to your child’s needs? Is your child harder wearing on their shoes than most (in this case a scuff guard, reinforced toe, or wrap-around outsole may be recommended)? 

After we’ve determined these four factors, it is time for a measure. A Fit Squad member will determine the length, width, and depth of the child’s foot and offer a range of options based on their measurements as well as the needs of the child and the answers to the above questions. 

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