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when is the right time to get your child re-fitted?

when is the right time to get your child re-fitted?
Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing through each stage of life. Whether they’re taking their first wobbly steps, or running and jumping as they play, it’s important that their feet are properly fitted to ensure healthy foot growth and development.

Whilst it’s important to get a well fitted shoe for your child right from the beginning of their journey, it’s also important to ensure fit in the months that follow their initial fitting. As children’s feet can grow quickly, it’s critical that your child isn’t left with accidentally small shoes – causing them any pain or discomfort.

When assessing whether it’s time for your child to get re-fitted, we recommend considering general stages of foot growth plus other indications that the shoes are possibly becoming too small. To help navigate the stages of foot growth, here’s a quick guide to the growth you can expect:
• Under 15 Months: About half a size about every 2 months;
• From 15 months to 2 years: Around half a size every two to three months;
• From 2 to 3 years: Half a size every three to four months;
• From 3 to 5 years: Half a size every four months;
• By the time they get to school age, this slows to about one whole size each year.

Other signs include:
• Red sports & marks on your child’s feet
• The shoes becoming difficult to put on
• Complaints from your child that their feet are starting to hurt often
• If you notice they are eating a lot more than usual or have had a recent growth spurt

Experts recommend checking the fit every eight weeks, and we always encourage regular free fit checks, especially with younger children. This may seem like overkill, and at some times not possible to fit in with a busy family schedule, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the healthy foot growth and development of children.

And you never know, you may get the great news that your child is still fitting into their shoes!