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What Are The Best Kids Shoes For Orthotics?

What Are The Best Kids Shoes For Orthotics?

When looking for kids shoes to fit an orthotic or AFO, an average-fitting shoe often does not cut it. We know how important it is to ensure growing feet are supported with correct fitting shoes, but for many time-poor parents it may be difficult to arrange an in-store fitting appointment. Lucky for you, we've compiled this Orthotic Friendly Shoe Guide to help!

So, let’s find out where to look for orthotic and AFO-friendly shoes. Generally, shoes that are wider and deeper through the toe box and instep are more likely to suit an orthotic or AFO.  It can be especially tricky for smaller sizes as self-fastening, elastics laces, and zips are the common fastening options and although easier than laces, they are limited in flexibility and stretch.

The GT-1000Gel-550 TRGEL-Trigger, and other ASICS styles have removable innersoles. This creates a wider and deeper shoe, providing more room to fit orthotics and AFOs. If an innersole is removable it is not glued, stitched, or moulded to the footbed. This means that the shoe has been designed as orthotic-friendly!

But ASICS are not the only ones, the Nike Flyease is also recommended when wearing orthotics or AFOs. It is one thing to have room inside the shoe, but another to have a wide and deep enough opening as well as a long enough strap across instep or around the ankle. The Flyease has a long strap attached to a zip that opens around the heel cup so that the orthotic or AFO can slide in from the back rather than be pushed from above.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with options, our Fit Tips are located on every product page so you can easily identify which shoes would best suit you and your child.