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Behind 'the fit squad' and why we're passionate about it!

Behind 'the fit squad' and why we're passionate about it!

Introducing our Fit Squad! They’re a team of highly trained and highly skilled fit experts.
We would like to formally introduce you to a small snippet of our Shoes & Sox teams right across Australia. Every day, our teams work tirelessly wrangling, measuring and fitting each child and we decided it was time to put them in the spotlight.

At Shoes & Sox, our core focus has always been on providing the best fit for each foot. From day one, we have always ensured that we go to great lengths (and widths) to ensure each child gets the right shoe with the perfect fit for their feet, because we understand that footwear plays a huge role in a child’s overall healthcare. In creating the Shoes & Sox Fit Squad, it was an easy decision to highlight who we really are, framing our team as superheros. Head to any Shoes & Sox store any day of the week and witness how our teams operate, they are the true definition of champions.

To us, our Fit Squad are the members who are front and centre, physically fitting and offering advice over the phone for those who may not be able to get to a store. Having undergone intensive training under the guidance of senior Fit Consultants, they’ve learnt the key fundamentals through one on one practical training and theoretical practice. They measure the width, length and depth as part of our 6 Point Fit Check, to help select the best fitting shoes for your child’s feet.

Fit is so important to us, that we make sure we provide a 100% Fit Guarantee for every shoe fitted in-store. From the experience over the past 32 years, we’ve learnt a lot about little feet. It’s helped us create an exceptional range of shoes from trusted brands, and when they’re in our safe hands, you’re completely covered. Our Fit Squad extends to our team who select, design, allocate, merchandise and market our product, always putting the child’s comfort first. Fit is intrinsic to what we do, it is who are and who we have always been since 1986.

If you haven’t yet experienced the Shoes & Sox difference, it’s important to know that the Fit Squad goes beyond just ‘fit’. They understand that each child is as unique as the feet that they walk, run and play with. We tailor each fitting session to the child and family, ensuring that it’s pleasant and enjoyable for all involved. It’s a fun experience for each kid (because who doesn’t love getting new shoes!) with a strong focus on empowering and providing information to mums, dads, grandparents and extended family alike.

We are the Fit Squad – the experts in growing feet.