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  • Style

  • Brand

  • Age

  • Lace up

    Secure comfort all day long


    On and off as easy as 1, 2, 3

    Mary jane

    A classic and functional design


    Casual styles made for movement

    Black sports

    Durability for the school year

  • Clarks

    Undisputed leaders of school shoes

    Start Rite

    A rich history in kids shoes


    Well constructed and built to last


    Champions in fit, construction + durability


    Distinctive style + premium quality


    Technical construction made by experts


    Fashion focused, school with an edge

  • School starters

    Start grade 1 off on the right foot


    Long lasting comfort for curious feet


    The best brands for fussy big kids

Kids school shoes are one of the most important shoes you’ll ever buy. Children spend most of their weekdays in their school shoes so they need to be durable, sturdy, supportive and made from quality materials. At Shoes & Sox, we have a huge range of girls school shoes and boys school shoes to suit every uniform. Whether you’re after primary school shoes or high school shoes, leather school shoes or sports school shoes, we have you covered when it comes to black school shoes. Stocking lots of brands including Clarks, Shopkins school, Pablosky, Startrite, Nike, Harrison and Asics, your child will find the perfect school shoe. We have formal school shoes, lace-up school shoes and mary jane school shoes too.

Size Guide

To determine your child’s CM measurement, please click here
For AU footwear, refer to UK sizing.
Please use this as a guide only. Sizes are approximate and each brand differs slightly. Keep in mind, your child’s foot continues to grow – add a half size to a full size to allow for this.
For Clarks products with width settings, please note that these follow in alphabetical order. 'D' refers to a narrow width, 'E' is standard and 'F' is wide.

For AU footwear, refer to UK sizing.

  • Measurement CM EU UK US
    9.6 17 01.5 02
    10.3 18 02 02.5
    11 19 03 03.5
    11.6 20 3.5 04
  • Measurement CM EU UK US
    12.3 21 04.5 05
    13 22 05.5 06
    13.6 23 06 06.5
    14.3 24 07 07.5
    15 25 07.5 08
    15.6 26 08.5 09
    16.3 27 09 09.5
  • Measurement CM EU UK US
    17 28 010 010.5
    17.6 29 011 011.5
    18.3 30 011.5 012
    19 31 012.5 013
    19.6 32 013 013.5
    20.3 33 1 1.5
    21 34 1.5 2
  • Measurement CM EU UK US
    21.6 35 2.5 3
    23.3 36 3.5 4
    23 37 4 5
    23.6 38 5 6
    24.3 39 5.5 6.5
    25 40 6.5 7.5

Overheard in the schoolyard

  • “Very smart and sturdy. Has very comfortable inner sole padding and they were true to size so fit perfectly based on cm sizing of my son’s foot.”

  • “I switched to this brand after being unhappy with other more expensive brands which my kids found uncomfortable, and which broke pieces and became scuffed within a couple of weeks. These shoes are a lot more flexible and the scuff guards are great. My kids shoes still look good 6 months into wearing them.”

  • “Excellent shoe. Always very comfortable and durable. Boys shoes need to be tough to get through each day with lots of sports and climbing. These shoes are long lasting and I buy them every year.”

  • “These school shoes are brilliant. This is the second pair in 3 years I’ve bought my daughter. Long lasting and comfortable. Easy to keep clean and easy for her to put on herself. Five stars from us.”