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Leather School Shoes Most high schools require students to have leather school shoes, and here’s why: leather is not only a breathable, natural material, but it also provides increased protection and durability to withstand the craziest of school days. This ensures students' comfort and safety throughout the school day. Additionally, leather's top-notch craftsmanship means their set with long-lasting, reliable footwear, making it a practical choice for the demanding school environment.  Shop Now
Lace Up School Shoes Lace-up school shoes are essential for high school students, offering breathability, natural comfort, and enhanced durability to tackle the busiest school days. This ensures students stay comfortable and safe throughout the day. The top-notch craftsmanship of lace up school shoes provides a lasting, reliable choice, meeting the practical demands of the high school environment. Shop Now
Black Sports Shoes Discover the coolest kicks in our black sports collection, perfect for school in 2024. Whether you're hustling between classes or dominating the schoolyard at lunchtime, these shoes are your go-to for comfort, support, and unbeatable style. Designed with the teenage hustle in mind, our black sports range ensures your feet are ready to conquer any high school adventure. Step into the perfect blend of fashion and function with shoes that meet the needs of high school!  Shop Now
Our Sports Range Equip high schoolers for success on the field with our dynamic range of sporty shoes. From trendy colours to tailored support, our footwear ensures teens perform at their best during carnivals, lunchtime sport, PE class and competitions. With the perfect pair, they'll not only compete confidently but turn every sport occasion into a stylish win.   Shop Now

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"Excellent shoes highly recommended. My son loves to run around and finds that the regular school shoes hurt but these shoes look like a regular school shoes but with better sport feeling. "

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"The customer service I received from the in store staff member was fantastic. She was super helpful in refunding my online order and finding the perfect fit for both my kids."

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High School Shoes Handbook

Step 1: Size Matters Unlock the mystery behind why 65% of kids wear ill-fitting shoes. Our cool guide guarantees a flawless fit, banishing blisters, tired feet, and awkward tripping incidents. Dive into the secrets of sizing perfection, ensuring every high schooler steps confidently into the new year with comfort and style. No more shoe woes—let's stride into new school year with the perfect fit! VIEW SIZE GUIDE
Step 2: Beyond Size But it's not just about size; it's about understanding your high schooler's needs. Are they into sports, creating, socialising, or maybe a bit of everything? Knowing this will guide you towards the perfect shoe style. High school often requires students to wear enclosed shoes to protect their feet from various daily activities such as animals in agriculture, machinery in technology, and cooking in hospitality. Even in art class with clay – we know their feet need protection, and we have a range of styles that offer this.  VIEW THE RANGE
Step 3: Unveiling the Perfect Style Decode your high schooler's preferences with our second tip. Whether they're sports enthusiasts, creatives, social butterflies, or a mix of everything, we guide you toward the ideal shoe style. Enclosed shoes aren't just a necessity; they're a style statement, providing protection for various activities, and our collection has got them covered. Explore our breakdown of best selling school shoes. READ THE BLOG

A-Z Guide for Back to School

School shoes for high schoolers

At Shoes & Sox, we understand the unique needs and preferences of high school students, and we’re thrilled to present our specially curated collection of high school shoes that seamlessly blend comfort, durability, and style. Whether it’s a formal presentation, a casual day in the classroom or spirited sports event, our collection caters to the diverse needs of high school life. Versatility is key, and our shoes effortlessly transition from one setting to another. HIGH SCHOOL COLLECTION: Clarks, Daytona Australia’s number one school shoe, and for good reason. This style is a flexible and supportive school shoe that comes in an unbeatable range of lengths and widths, to make sure that your child’s feet are supported all day, every day. This style is known for its durability and capability of withstanding the demands of an active lifestyle and providing long-lasting support. Shop Clarks Daytona The notable design features encompass a leather upper, lining and sock, a soft cushioned foot bed, lace up closures, rubber heels, padded ankle counters for support as well as its proven all-day comfort. The size and width ranges from a UK8 JNR to UK15 SNR, including the widths of D, E, F, & G, ensuring that each student can find the perfect fit! ROC, Larrikin A classic and comfortable style, the Larrikin school shoes have been a mainstay in the schoolyard for years. Perfect for juniors and seniors, this timeless lace up style provides supreme comfort and durability. Shop ROC, Larrikin The notable design features encompass a leather upper and lining, removable innersoles to accommodate different foot shapes, flexible outer soles as well as slip resistant thread. This style is available in sizes ranging from UK10 YTH to UK11.5 SNR. Clarks, Infinity This style is for the students who love a classic. This stylish and timeless silhouette is crafted from high-quality leather to provide your child the utmost comfort. Shop Clarks, Infinity The notable design features encompass a leather upper, lining and sock, removeable innersoles shaped for extra comfort as well as lace up closures. The size and width ranges from a UK10 JNR to UK12 SNR, including the widths of D, E, F, G. Clarks, Descent This style combines comfortability and durability, with ease. The notable design features encompass a premium aniline leather upper giving the shoe greater softness, anti-bacterial, moisture and eliminating odor.The sports mesh lining makes it lightweight, flexible, slip-resistant phylon and rubber outsole as well as removable polisport innersoles made from recycled PU. The size and width range from UK4 to UK14, including the widths of C, D, E, and F. Shop Clarks, Descent Harrison, Haze  Harrison offers styles to cater for any school day, from a formal uniform to sports days. Haze is an exclusive to Shoes & Sox and is crafted with developed technology to keep feet comfortable and cared for. Shop Harrison, Haze The notable design features encompass a leather upper, lace up closures as well as its durable PU soles. This style is available in sizes ranging from a UK1 to UK10. At Shoes & Sox, we understand that finding the right fit is essential. Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult (Skip the line by booking a fitting here).

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Back to school with Shoes & Sox

To kick off the school season in style, we’re thrilled to announce the return of our much-anticipated back to school. We understand that the right pair of shoes can make a significant impact on your daily school life, and that’s why our back-to-school sale features an extensive collection from all of your preferred brands. From the classics, trendsetters, sporty and the comfort focused designs, our selection of school shoes ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your individual taste and needs. Take a look at your favourite brands and styles featured in this back-to-school sale!   Mary Jane School Shoes: The much-loved Mary-Jane combines timeless style with comfort; a must if you’re after girls school shoes. This iconic footwear silhouette seamlessly blends fashion and functionality, offering a perfect combination for students of all ages. The Mary-Jane design, characterised by a self-fastening strap across the instep, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure fit during busy school days. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit: Clarks, Indulge Clarks, Blair Pablosky, School Mary Jane. Harrison, Kasey.   Self-fastening School Shoes: A self-fastening footwear choice make the perfect boys school shoes, especially for bubs starting school. Designed with both style and practicality in mind, these shoes feature a self-fastening strap that ensures a secure fit. The traditional aesthetic of these school shoes maintains a classic and polished look. Crafted with durability in mind, these shoes withstand the wear and tear of the playground while offering the support growing feet need. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit: Clarks, Discovery Harrison, Dawson Pablosky, School SF straps (74811) Startrite, Oxford Lace Up School Shoes: Laces for the bigger kids. These classic footwear essentials are more than just a practical choice, they embody a sense of tradition and style that stands the test of time. They offer essential support for growing feet, promoting comfort throughout the school day. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit: Clarks, Daytona (Australia’s number one school shoe, available in 6 width fittings!) Clarks, Infinity Black Sports Shoes: Black sports shoes, designed for the active student. These shoes seamlessly combine style and functionality. Each style has been engineered with performance in mind, as they provide the necessary support and cushioning for activities. Their durable construction stands up to the demands of daily wear, making them a reliable choice for the entire school year. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit: Reebok, Road supreme Reebok, Duarable XT Asics, Hibana. Asics, Contend. Clarks, North At Shoes & Sox, we understand that finding the right fit is essential because every kid is different, so is the way we fit their feet. Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult (Skip the line by booking a fitting here). Want to learn more on why your kid needs a bi-annual foot size check? Click here.  

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School shoes on a budget

School shoes are an essential part of a student’s wardrobe. The quest for budget-friendly options that provide support, comfort, and durability may feel overwhelming, but fear not – we’ve compiled a list of top-notch choices! Enter Harrison, the brand that delivers authentic comfort through timeless and traditional designs in children’s footwear. Tailored for the classroom, playground, and various after school activities, Harrison specializes in crafting robust school shoes from soft and resilient leather. Enhanced with long-lasting, breathable lining, Harrison shoes can effortlessly endure your child’s active routine with minimal maintenance or upkeep. Harrison Kasey   A new minimal and streamlined school shoe. Kasey provides practicality and classic styling. In a simple, curved silhouette, these are sure to be the new stand out in the classroom. Shop Kasey Notable design features encompass a soft leather upper, synthetic lining and sock, removeable innersoles for a versatile fit, rubber toe to minimalize scuffing, self-fastening straps for easy adjustment, firm ankle counters for support as well as durable rubber soles. Available in sizes ranging from UK8 to UK3.5 and is priced at $79.96. Harrison Dawson Designed for super active kids, this sporty style will keep them comfortable in the classroom, playground and beyond. Dawson is a durable and well-built style to suit even the most energetic child. Shop Dawson Notable design features encompass a reinforced scuff resistant toe cap, a soft leather upper, synthetic lining and sock, self-fastening straps for easy adjustment, removeable innersoles for a versatile fit, firm ankle counter for support as well as durable rubber soles. Available in sizes ranging from UK8 to UK5 and is priced at $79.96. Step into our athletic footwear, designed to offer support, durability, and comfort. These shoes feature cushioning, arch support, and materials that ensure they are well-suited for extended periods of walking and standing during the school day. Reebok, Durable XT A new exclusive addition for the school season. This shoe is designed with comfortability at the forefront. Shop Durable XT It encompasses a lightweight outsole and a durable rubber toe and vamp. Available in sizes ranging from US10.5 to US7 and is priced at $64.00. Asics, Contend 8 The undisputed leaders in running shoes, Asics is a favourite. The contend 8 black Pre-school is a running/school shoe with a breathable mesh upper, perfect for the sports field, playground, and classroom. Shop Contend 8 Notable design features encompass padded collars to provide extra comfort, a streamlined heel fit, self-fastening straps for an easy, adjustable fit as well as durable rubber outsoles. Available in sizes ranging from US10 to US3 and is priced at $63.96. At Shoes & Sox, we understand that finding the right fit is essential. Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult (Skip the line by booking a fitting here). A fit squad member can determine the length, width, and depth of the child’s foot. From this, budget-friendly recommendations will be made to ensure the perfect school shoe fit!

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