Back to School Tips

Back to school with Shoes & Sox

Back to school with Shoes & Sox

To kick off the school season in style, we’re thrilled to announce the return of our much-anticipated back to school.

We understand that the right pair of shoes can make a significant impact on your daily school life, and that’s why our back-to-school sale features an extensive collection from all of your preferred brands. From the classics, trendsetters, sporty and the comfort focused designs, our selection of school shoes ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your individual taste and needs.

Take a look at your favourite brands and styles featured in this back-to-school sale!


Mary Jane School Shoes:

The much-loved Mary-Jane combines timeless style with comfort; a must if you’re after girls school shoes. This iconic footwear silhouette seamlessly blends fashion and functionality, offering a perfect combination for students of all ages. The Mary-Jane design, characterised by a self-fastening strap across the instep, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures a secure fit during busy school days. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit:


Self-fastening School Shoes:

A self-fastening footwear choice make the perfect boys school shoes, especially for bubs starting school. Designed with both style and practicality in mind, these shoes feature a self-fastening strap that ensures a secure fit. The traditional aesthetic of these school shoes maintains a classic and polished look. Crafted with durability in mind, these shoes withstand the wear and tear of the playground while offering the support growing feet need. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit:

Lace Up School Shoes:

Laces for the bigger kids. These classic footwear essentials are more than just a practical choice, they embody a sense of tradition and style that stands the test of time. They offer essential support for growing feet, promoting comfort throughout the school day. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit:

Black Sports Shoes:

Black sports shoes, designed for the active student. These shoes seamlessly combine style and functionality. Each style has been engineered with performance in mind, as they provide the necessary support and cushioning for activities. Their durable construction stands up to the demands of daily wear, making them a reliable choice for the entire school year. Lean into these styles to find your perfect fit:

At Shoes & Sox, we understand that finding the right fit is essential because every kid is different, so is the way we fit their feet. Head into your nearest Shoes & Sox store for a FREE fit consult (Skip the line by booking a fitting here). Want to learn more on why your kid needs a bi-annual foot size check? Click here.