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Our expert in-store fittings are always free and available but we recommend booking ahead to avoid waiting.

Our store experience is one of a kind. We take the time to measure and fit each child to find their perfect pair. Trying on shoes for a new school year can be a difficult process for most families, but when your child is sensitive to bright lights, noises and to being touched – it can be almost impossible.

How can we help?

Shoes & Sox has partnered with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) to offer private fitting appointments before or after hours or during quieter times for children who would benefit from a quiet, calm environment when purchasing shoes. Through our partnership with Aspect, we ensure that our staff are educated and trained to cater to the needs of your child.

Aspect believes that all Australians, including those on the autism spectrum, should have the opportunity to access and be included in the community in a safe and meaningful way. Their purpose is to understand, engage and celebrate the strengths, interests and aspirations of people on the spectrum. With inclusivity always at the forefront at Shoes & Sox, partnering with Aspect was the next logical step in our journey in ensuring that every child and their feet are cared for.

Where can you make your appointment?

All Shoes & Sox standalone stores offer this service. To make an appointment, simply click here, select your preferred store and time and confirm.

We understand that the anticipation of your store experience may be result in uncertainty or anxiety for your child. To help prepare for their appointment, click here to download our Shoes & Sox Shopping Sequence Guide and click here to download our Shoes & Sox Autism Friendly Communication Board.

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What can you expect?

@compassandaperture recently detailed her and her son Chase's private fitting experience at Shoes & Sox Northland.

"We headed out to our local Shoes & Sox store to pick up some school shoes for Chase and some sports shoes for his outdoor play for when he starts at Kinder in just a couple weeks.

They were so fabulous with Chase! He can be quite a handful with his Autism so when I saw them offering private fittings for kids with ASD I jumped at the chance!

Not only were they amazing with Chase but they were thorough with his fitting and extremely helpful with making the best decision on which shoes would be the correct choice for us.

Are you getting school ready? I highly recommend you head to Shoes & Sox to get an expert fit for your littles."