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Baby Boys Shoes

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Boys – Baby Shoes

Shopping for shoes for baby boys has never been easier with our extensive range of instantly recognisable top brands and knowledge of foot development and shoe requirements. You can trust Shoes & Sox to know infant shoes. While it’s generally recommended babies spend their first few months shoe-free to allow full flexibility during this important period of growth, crawling and first steps are a great time get your baby boy into some soft soles. Brands such as Old Soles, Bobux & Clarks are perfect for this, with total consideration of children’s health featuring designs that focus on nurturing growth, providing protection and allowing natural movement to occur. Boys pre-walkers should feature a flexible soft sole and smooth, comfortable upper, preferably in leather or natural materials. Look for styles with self-fastening straps so that you can adjust the tightness and get them on and off without any fuss. In stunning colours and designs, these thoughtfully crafted baby shoes look as great as they’ll feel. Buying for baby, whether it’s your child or a new baby present is made easy with our huge range of pre-walkers, first walker shoes and everything in between.