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COVID-19 Online Updates

28th Apr 2020

What's The Latest?

As of 11/5/2020, all stores have re-opened, and are trading 10am - 5pm daily (see more information on how we're keeping our team and customers safe here). For those who prefer to shop from home, we are more committed than ever to deliver the best possible experience. We understand that achieving the perfect fit is challenging from home, so we have recently started offering free digital fit appointments to all customers. See more information here. Our team is working incredibly hard to get your order out quickly and get back to you as soon as possible, but there are some disruptions to our regular service. Please see below the most up to date info on estimated order delivery times and customer service response times.

Order Processing

We have nothing but admiration for our team mates at our dispatch facilities who are working tirelessly to get orders out safely and quickly. Order processing is taking approximately 1 - 3 business days, and may be longer during periods surrounding public holidays. We are also dispatching out from several locations, so if you're ordering multiple products, the shipment of your order may be split.

Delivery Timeframes

Thousands of Australians are faced with widespread, severely delayed delivery, and we are not immune to this. Australia Post have recently announced measures to handle the increased demand, and you can read more about what they're doing here. It is difficult to provide an estimated delivery timeframe as we're seeing a lot of inconsistency, but it's possible that your order may arrive within 3 business days - 4 weeks. We have temporarily removed the option for express shipping as we found this to be unreliable through Australia Post, and we do not wish to mislead customers. Please see below tracking scenarios that we've encountered.

  • It has been several weeks and your order has not received any scans. We are seeing infrequent scans on many packages, with most receiving only an initial scan and a delivery scan. This does not mean your package is lost, but it is an outcome of the increased workload Australia Post are under.
  • You have received orders from other retailers quickly, but not from us. One of the most confusing parts of the disruptions to service is that some packages are arriving in a timely manner and some are taking weeks. This seems to be due to lodgement date and the processing facilities that a package passes on its journey. Some are more backlogged than others. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to influence this.
  • Your package has been scanned as delivered in a location that's not your address. We are seeing incorrect delivery scans on some parcels that seem to rectify themselves within 24 hours. This is not indicative of the journey of your parcel, but seems to be an internal technical issue related to Australia Post. We are happy to investigate, but have not experienced any orders being delivered to incorrect addresses.
  • It doesn't look like your package has been picked up. Once you have received a shipment email from us, your order has left our dispatch facility. This is generally indicated by a scan that says 'Shipping information approved by Australia Post'. Australia Post have told some consumers false information, implying that they have not received packages when they display this scan, which is unequivocally untrue. The infrequent scans are an outcome of this backlog and you are likely to only see a scan upon pick up and delivery.

  • We are strongly urging customers to remain patient. There is an extremely small amount of parcels that are lost, and the vast majority of orders are being delivered successfully. However, we understand that the lack of information by means of scans may be concerning. Again, these situations may not apply to your order, but it's important that you're aware of potential scenarios.

    Customer Service

    These new circumstances understandably bring uncertainly and stress, and as a result, we have seen a significant increase in customer service queries. Many of these queries are related to order tracking, and we urge customers to please be patient. As above, many packages are not receiving scans, but are being delivered perfectly fine, if a little later than expected.

    We are currently offering customers service through email and response times are averaging 1 - 3 business days. The best way to get in touch with us is via our Contact Form, and we ask that you refrain from replying to your original email as this pushes your query further down the queue.

    Anything Else?

    We remind our valued customers that this continues to be a deeply challenging period. Just as circumstances may be difficult for you, they may be for our team also. Please communicate with us respectfully - we are humans on the other end of the screen and are here to help you. Whilst we are committed to doing all we can to help with your query, we are limited in how we can assist from an Australia Post perspective. As above, any issues are likely not to be specific to your order, they are affecting many, many people and businesses. We are seeing that the vast majority of these issues are being resolved with time, so please try to extend some understanding to all parties on the delivery journey who are doing their best.